My Next Safer Switch: The Razor

A few weeks ago I had a palm to the forehead moment! I was doing a mental inventory of everything left in this house that still needed to be switched out. Through that mental inventory that I have done many times I had previously glossed over one personal care product time and time agin. The razor.
How could I have glossed over this so many times? I had switched out my shaving cream, but completely missed the boat on the razor itself. The one I use is the Gillette Venus razor with a moisture glide serum above the blades.
I had trouble finding the ingredients, but I am almost certain safety wasn’t one of their concerns so I can only imagine what is in there. So, off to trying to find a safer option.
I had found some old fashion razors where you change out the blades on the razor, but that wasn’t quite the direction I was going for. I was looking for something to replace the type of razor I had and one of my friends recommended the Preserve razor.
Here are some features of the Preserve 5 Razor System:
  • For men and women
  • Ergonomic handle made from recycled materials
  • Ceramic coated blades for improved comfort
  • Lubricating strip with cocoa butter and aloe
  • Handle compatible with Preserve Shave 5 replacement blades
  • Handle recyclable through Gimme 5 after use
  • Blades and >90% of handle made in USA; cartridge – assembled in Mexico
I bought the Preserve 5 Razor System which is made with the recycled yogurt cups! Same as the Preserve 3 Razor Blade system! I’ve used it several times and love it! It provides a nice clean shave and the lubricating strip works like a dream!

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