All About the Face Oils!

I grew up dealing with oily and acne prone skin and tried countless products and saw a couple of different dermatologists in the process. One of the pieces of education I had received was to avoid oil in my products as it would clog my pores and make my acne worse.

Fast forward to 3 years ago when I started working with Beautycounter. One of the products in the skincare line was 3 little bottles of face oil. What?! A product made entirely out of oil for your face? This seemed so counterintuitive to what I had been taught years ago and all the labels on skincare that promoted “oil-free”. After some time as I worked my way through trying all the products, it was time for the face oil. I was scared, but curious. After a few weeks of using the Balancing oil, which is great for acne prone/combo skin I noticed that I didn’t have the dry patches and my acne was under better control. I needed less moisturizer and my skin seemed “brighter” and more balanced. I was hooked!

High quality plant based face oils can be a gift to your skin. They are easily absorbed where synthetic oils like mineral oil tend to sit on the surface and trap bacteria in your pores and increase your risk of breakouts and irritation. Since many synthetic oils are made from petroleum, they may also be contaminated with hydrocarbons. They are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants for your skin. Think of them as a supplement for your skin that helps combat the environmental stressors to keep out pollution, dirt, and other toxins that can lead to irritation, breakouts, and premature aging. They also have natural antibacterial properties so they are great for acne prone skin. They help balance the skin’s pH which means it helps take care of those pesky oily and dry patches.

Our 3 Face Oils contain a proprietary blend of 7 oils that fall into 3 categories Regenerative, Nutritional, and Protective.

Then, each of the 3 Face Oils have their signature oil to address skin concerns.


Our Brightening Face Oil includes the key ingredients of Vitamin C to brighten the skin (see my blog post on all the benefits of Vitamin C. This will be great for those trying to diminish age/sun spots, melasma, or acne scars. It also includes Avocado Oil, which is rich in Vitamins A, B, D, and E for extra moisture. And, Black Currant Oil is added which is rich in anti-inflammatory omegas 3 & 6.



Our Plumping Face Oil contains Jasmine oil, which helps boost hydration with a subtle floral scent. It also contains Argan Oil, which helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. This oil helps firm and plump and hold the moisture in the skin. As we age, our skin loses moisture which can add to the look of aging.



Our Balancing Face Oil is great for those that are acne prone or have combination skin. The key ingredients are Ylang Ylang, which moisturizes skin and has a delicate herbal scent. Wild Chamomile is also included and this calms and soothes skin.



There are many great ways to use the Face Oils. Some use it once daily and others use it twice a day. Always remember that any time you make a change to your skincare regimen there will be about a 4-6 week window of adjustment so breakouts during this time are not uncommon.

  1. Mix it with your moisturizer. First, dispense moisturizer into your hands, then mix in two or three drops of face oil. Apply the moisturizer as usual.
  2. Apply products in layers. If you’re going to layer products, it’s best to apply oil onto freshly cleansed skin. You can then apply moisturizer on top of the oil.
  3. Use the oil on its own. Some people use their face oil in place of moisturizer. If you decide to go this route, simply dispense three or four drops of oil onto your fingertips, then gently press it into your skin.

Sometimes it can be hard to know which oil to choose especially if you have a few skin concerns going on. Let me know and I can help you choose. Personally I use all three face oils at different times to address my issues.

Have you tried a face oil? What do you love about it?








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