Eggs and Don’t Skip the Yolks!

I’m starting this Friday with a little egg information! We eat a lot of eggs in this house, 8-10/day!

Did you know that the refrigeration of eggs isn’t 100% necessary? If you get a farm fresh egg and it hasn’t been washed or refrigerated it can sit out at room temperature as long as it’s consumed in a timely fashion, 7-10 days.

If you are buying eggs in a store they have likely been washed which removes a protective cuticle and can increase the risk for bacterial growth if not refrigerated. If you are getting farm fresh eggs, don’t wash them. The remnants left on the shell will not harm you. Interestingly it is illegal to wash eggs in Europe!

Once the eggs have been refrigerated they need to stay that way so that bacteria won’t develop as the egg warms up and condensation forms.

Another question someone once asked is if farm fresh/pastured eggs are more nutritious than store bought pastured eggs? Analysis shows they are equal, but please be careful of marketing and labels as companies will use labels such as ‘cage free’ to entice you and that label doesn’t mean much. The chickens might not be in cages, but it doesn’t mean they are fed or treated well. It’s best to know where your eggs are coming from and look for pasture raised. I would also say that a farm fresh egg has better and richer flavor than store bought and I love knowing where my eggs come from and that chickens that laid the eggs I am eating are well taken care of.

Lastly, think back to the whole, don’t eat the yoke, it has too much fat and cholesterol craze. We now know that dietary cholesterol doesn’t necessarily raise blood cholesterol and fat isn’t the problem. The yoke is where so many of the nutrients lie. So, eat the whole egg!

Maybe someday we’ll get our own chickens, we even have a coop, but for now I’ll try to stick to a local supplier. 😊

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