Happy 6 Years of CrossFit to Me!

6 years ago today Lucas and I walked into our first CrossFit intro class. He had been dabbling with CrossFit type workouts on his own and I was in the middle of marathon running and training for the Boston Marathon in April.

He told me that he wanted to go to this intro class and since I don’t like to be left behind I tagged along. I wasn’t looking to start anything new especially with a marathon right around the corner.




I remember walking in scared to death and having no idea what I was doing. I had never picked up a barbell before and it was so foreign. The warm up was a doozy and I can remember kettlebells in the workout. I thought it was fun, but Lucas was hooked.

We signed up for a membership and you could say the rest is history…

I was dealing with knee and foot pain which was not responding to treatment and impacting my running. I remember that after a few months my knee pain reduced and my foot pain went away. I not only fell in love with the community, but the strength and confidence I gained. I found that it made my running so much easier and I enjoyed the variety in the workouts.

Nine months after starting we went to get our Level 1 Trainer Certifications and opened CrossFit St. Croix 6 months later.

Our workouts look much different these days as we’ve added a couple of new CrossFitters to our family, but I wouldn’t change any of this.

I never would have envisioned this would be our lives when I walked into that intro class that Saturday morning. Little did I know how much CrossFit would change our lives, which would lead to us changing others lives.

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