Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi! I thought I’d take this moment to introduce myself to those that may not know me!

1. I was born and raised on a farm in rural Iowa. I am an only child. I swam competitively from 7-18 with dreams of making it to the Olympics (I wasn’t close 😉). I was in 4-H and showed dairy cattle and rabbits.

2. I have known my hubby, Lucas, since 3rd grade where I developed a crush on him that lasted throughout our childhood. We went to the same church. He was a year younger than me so we never talked.

3. My senior year Lucas and I were on the same science trip. I seized the moment and chased him hard. He stood no chance of turning me down. 😏

4. We were married right out of college. 2 weeks later we moved to Northern California were he was stationed with the Air Force. We packed up his Dodge Dakota, 3 month old Bella, Zeus the hamster, and hit the road.

5. We both wanted to live life and enjoy each other before kids came into the picture. We waited 10 years. I was 33 and Lucas 32 when Elijah was born.

6. I was a burn nurse for 6 years before graduating with my Masters and working as a family Nurse Practitioner for 5 years. I loved my patients and helping people, but I was terribly burned out, not happy with the healthcare system, and couldn’t take Elijah to daycare.

7. Beautycounter fell into my lap when Elijah was 8 months and almost 4 years later my passion for helping others has been fulfilled. I have found my calling. People ask me if I am going back to work as an NP and the answer is no.

8. Evelyn was a surprise baby. We were done after Elijah. He was 3.5 and life was good and simple. God had other plans. 😉

9. I’ve ran 7 marathons (2 Boston’s) and many many 1/2’s. My favorite marathon is the Twin Cities Marathon. I gave up running when I was pregnant with Elijah and my my cartilage wear in my knees prevents me from long distance running.

10. Lucas and I have owned @c1_athletics/CrossFit St. Croix for 5 years. We recently moved to a 22,000sq ft space and building a wellness center!

11. We live on 9 acres in rural Wisconsin. I’m a country girl at heart.

These are just a few fun facts and I know there are more I can share and likely will in the future! Stay tuned!

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