Small Changes = Big Impact

One question I often hear is, where do I start? ⁣

Starting a “safer” lifestyle can be overwhelming. You look around and not know where to start. Often times people think it is an all or nothing approach and perfection is the ultimate finish line. This simply isn’t true. Every little change makes a big impact. And, I fully believe in slow and steady wins the race.⁣

I am a huge advocate of being informed which will allow us to make choices that are right for us and our families. This will look different for everyone.

Start by reading labels on everything. What you eat, what you clean with, and what you put on your bodies. And, if you don’t know what things are, you can always ask me! ⁣

In the kitchen. I would look at ditching Teflon (non-stick coatings) and plastic. If you have plastic containers don’t heat them in the microwave. ⁣

In the home. Switch out cleaning products. I love Branch Basics for all in one concentrate! Lose the air fresheners and plug ins. If you need some scent, essential oils are amazing (make sure they are kid and pet safe).⁣ Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden are two of my favorites for essential oils.

On your body. Start with products that are running out. Switch out products you use everyday or cover the largest surface area on your body. One product at a time and I am more than happy to help! My fav of course is Beautycounter!

Take this journey one day at a time and don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle. Each person has their own priorities, budget, and timeline. ⁣

And, as my good friend, Ally, once said, take what you need and leave the rest.

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