Sometimes I Want a Little “Perfume”!

One of the things I miss on occasion is putting on perfume. Since cleaning up my personal care products over the past few years and ditching my number one ingredient to avoid, fragrance, I have become extremely sensitive to scents and will get immediately stuffed up and a headache. Around the house we use essential oils if I need a little air freshener and what I put on my body is unscented or has very little scent.

Fragrance is considered a trade secret, so companies aren’t required to disclose what chemicals make up that ingredient. Often times, it can be dozens and even hundreds of chemicals. I immediately scan product labels for this ingredient. Fragrance is considered to be among the top five known allergens and can cause and trigger asthma attacks. The ingredients included are also oftentimes linked to hormone disruption, cancer, and developmental issues.

Now, due to everything I mentioned above I have had a hard time finding a “perfume” for those special occasions where I want to smell extra nice. I had kept my old Gucci favorite, but over time I couldn’t even stand one squirt on my clothes. So, I’ve been on the hunt and it’s been tricky to find something made with essential oils, but meets my scent needs.

I recently found an ad for Ambre Blends and ordered their sample set. Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis, Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. I love their commitment to quality and safety as well! They use high grade all-natural oils sourced from premiere refineries around the globe. They import their oils and ingredients to their Indianapolis headquarters where they follow their own thoroughly-tested recipes to blend and bottle each individual unit by hand. Everything that goes into their product packaging is made with recycled and biodegradable materials. I love supporting a company that values taking care of the environment in addition to producing safe products.

I absolutely love their sample set as it lets me get a good idea of how each scent works for me. I’m still trying to decide which one I like best! It’s such a hard choice and I’m not sure I can choose just one. I have been impressed with their unique scents that are more perfume like than other companies I’ve tried. I also enjoy their staying power, but not overly strong.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a safer perfume, I highly recommend trying this brand and starting with the sample set! It’s $9 for their 4 scents.

Happy sniffing!


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