We are not a beauty company, we are a MOVEMENT!


When was the last time you were a part of something that moved you and left you with so much excitement you didn’t know what to do with it all? For me it started 3 years ago, when I said yes to this opportunity. For most of us that said yes, it was more than selling a product, it was about a movement, mission, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. To be a part of a mission that is about getting safer products into people’s hands that extends beyond selling a product into impacting change throughout the personal care industry. This is about our health, safety, and wellness.

The beauty industry is an 80 billion dollar industry that is largely unregulated and that is simply not ok. We have only begun to understand how certain chemicals impact our health alone and when put together. There is so much more research that needs to be done, but one thing that can’t be denied is that we are seeing more cases of cancer, developmental issues, allergies/asthma, and reproductive issues. Harmful chemicals do not have a place in our products! I will not stand by, turn a blind eye, and not do something about it. So, here I am sharing daily about ways to choose safer options in all aspects of our lives. I am just one voice and that isn’t enough, I need more voices beside me shouting from the rafters.

This started as a passion for sharing what I knew and turned into a career. It has been the very best decision I’ve ever made and it has forever changed my life as well as my family’s.  I am a part of making a significant social impact while earning a living. It is truly a dream come true. If any part of this intrigues you, don’t sit by watching and letting it pass you by, seize the moment. Open your mind to this opportunity and take a chance. You might just find something you didn’t know you were missing.

If you want to chat about any of this and how to get involved, email, text/call (651.328.1855) or send me a Facebook message. I love sharing this company with others! xx



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