What Does That Little Jar on the Back Mean?

A common question I hear is, how long are your products good for once you start using them. If you’re like me there are some things I go through faster than others and some products last me forever.

If you look at the back of the bottle/jar you will see a tiny jar with a number in the middle. This is how long you should use the product for after it has been opened.

Here’s a little more information for you!

By law if a product has water in it it must contain a preservative to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
At Beautycounter, we screen every potential ingredient for safety. We look for data on important health endpoints like cell damage, reproductive toxicity, cancer, and skin irritation. One of the toughest categories of ingredients to screen is preservatives. Because they are meant to kill bacteria, mold and/or yeast, they may also be toxic in some concentrations to other life forms. We use the smallest concentrations of preservatives that still get the job done, and we’re on a continuous quest to find even better, safer options including bottle packaging technology that exposes less product to the air. You’ll find non-water based products like our Lustro Face and Body oils do not contain preservatives.

The bottom line is that we don’t hide a thing. We don’t hide our preservatives in raw ingredients, make false claims (called “greenwashing”), and we will never, ever lie to our clients.

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