I want to get safe products into the hands of everyone and I want a future where we don't have to read labels for toxic ingredients.

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I want to raise my family to be as healthy as possible and prevention is a major part of what I focus on.  Get healthy and stay healthy with information about exercise, diet, and products you use to take a holistic approach to health.

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Wellness is being happy and healthy in all aspects of my life.  Follow my journey and get tips and advice to build your strength and confidence physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Since 1993

My Mission

As a healthcare professional I have been trained to prevent disease and treat medical conditions once they arise. For years I strived to lead my personal and professional life in a direction that focuses on attaining health through the quality of food we consume and keeping our bodies active. What I have learned since becoming a part of Beautycounter has opened my eyes and gave me a new passion on the journey to maintain health.

While I have known that consuming various chemicals and pesticides can lead to disease I have been amazed to what degree a person is unknowingly exposed to these harmful ingredients on a regular basis. I was appalled that the personal care industry is under-regulated. The personal care industry is allowed to use ingredients without our knowledge that contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer and disrupt our endocrine and reproductive systems.

As a mother what I bring into my household not only effects me but also has an enormous impact on my son and daughter. I want to raise my family to be as healthy as possible. I am excited to share my passion for beauty and wellness and to help others improve their health through safe products and sound advice about nutrition and fitness.

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